Google Labs Search by Location

I just read on Doc Searl’s weblog about Google Lab’s new search by location engine. Wow! This has real potential. But like, I wonder how long Google will leave this in beta and how long before they figure out a way to integrate it into the average Googler’s user experience. They keep building great new tools, but the average person probably just uses Google’s home page search engine.�I think local search engines will be�used by everyone when they make it onto�all our portable devices and into our cars. My Acura GPS system would have been 10 times better with a�powerful local keyword search engine integrated into it.

For my first ever�search by location search I looked for toys in Salt Lake City, UT and found a map and ten places to visit (ToyRUs was #4, but probably should be first).

I was pleased when I�searched for marketing in Orem, UT and found 10x Marketing was ranked #1. I guess incoming links matter to the local search engine algorithm as well. And of course, the company name helps as well.

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