Looking for Utah Recruiters

I’m trying to compile a list of 10-20 recruiters in Utah. I’m going to contact all of them to see if they might be interested in the Team Building Event that I am planning. The more qualified applicants we get for this founders retreat, the more successful it will be.

But I haven’t yet figured out how recruiters could be involved, since they will want compensation for any help they give. But, maybe one recruiter could be a sponsor/underwriter of the event, and maybe their own database of talent could grow as a result of being involved.

Do you know of any Utah recruiters that do a lot with high tech? I know of Management Recruiters in Park City, and I read an article (I think in Connect Magazine) about two women who started a recruiting company recently in the Salt Lake City area. But I’m anxious to get in contact with any others.

According to Never Eat Alone author Keith Ferrazzi, every entrepreneur should know a recruiter and a fund raiser, since they are among the most connected people of all.

What other recruiters in Utah are you aware of?

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  1. Hi Paul!

    Obviously this is a very old post, but I can’t imagine that it would be a waste of time to respond. I have been a professional recruiter in SLC, UT for almost 10 years. I have worked with a variety of clients/candidates and would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Please feel free to call me; I would be happy to connect with you. You can find my number on http://www.leadrecruiters.com. My ext is 101. Thanks.

    Chad Beals
    Professional Recruiter

  2. Paul, if you don’t mind, I’ll toss my name and URL into the mix. SOS Technical, my company, searches for IT & Engineering talent across Utah and other states around the country.

    My office is in Orem and I specalize in IT recruiting at all levels in Utah County.

    My blog is at http://www.utahtechjobs.com

  3. Mike Aldous

    ConnectPoint is a fast growing Salt Lake City IT Recruiting firm in business since 2003. Our offices are in Murray just east of Fashion Place Mall. We are always interested in networking with other Utah IT professionals.

    Our website is http://www.cprecruiting.com

    Mike Aldous

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