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Finally! I have been sending and receiving 100-200 emails per day for several years now, and it has always been frustrating for me that Outlook provides no easy way for me to turn incoming emails (or outgoing emails) into Contacts. is now offering a free Outlook plug-in tool that does just that. I just ran the "collecting contacts" feature on my current and archived email lists and it came back with several hundred old contacts with whom I am no longer in touch.

One thing all internet entrepreneurs need is a personal contact database that they keep current. They need to keep in touch with all the people they’ve worked with or worked for, and even people they hardly know but they’ve met and felt a connection to. There have always been cheap software packages for $10-20 that help you manage your own personal mailing list, but the solution is far superior and now with this new plug-in tool is even more powerful than before. I know that it won’t stay free forever, but I sure love getting so much value for free as long as it lasts.

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