ComScore Statistics

I love how many free mind-blowing industry statistics you can find in one night of internet surfing. Here are some of the latest things I found interesting.

According to ComScore, the average searcher in the United States searched 28.4 times in December. Search engine market share was as follows:

  • Google: 35%
  • Yahoo: 27.1%
  • AOL: 16.3%
  • MSN: 15.4%

Since Yahoo is dropping Google and Inktomi will soon power both Yahoo and MSN search results, Google will barely be ahead of Inktomi. But if Inktomi sticks with paid inclusion while Google keeps adding billions of web pages to its index (at no cost to web sites), then Inktomi won\’t have a chance. I have to believe that Yahoo knows this and that Inktomi will beef up its web crawling and indexing in a massive way.

China Internet Use

China\’s Internet community is slated to reach 100 million by the end of the year
Baidu, a Chinese search engine, has 30 million text searches per day
It is estimated that online gaming in China is valued at US$150 million with 11 million annual subscribers. (

Mobile phones

More than 500 million mobile phones were shipped last year.
1.5 billion cellphone handsets are currently in use globally
133 billion SMS text messages sent around the world in 2003
DoCoMo has signed up more than over 40 million paying subscribers in Japan and 1.5 million abroad for its I-mode Internet mobile service in just five years.


Apple Computer has sold 2 million iPods since 2001. Experts predict an additional 3-4 million iPod sales this year (


An estimated 168 million personal computers were sold worldwide last year (IDC).

The hard-drive industry expects to sell 260 million to 300 million units this year.


A couple of fascinating thoughts: one expert thinks HP may ship an iPod in 2-3 years with a WCDMA transceiver. Also, hard drives are getting small enough to go into cell phones. If cell phones get hard drives and can store (and download) music and other audio files, then the 1.5 billion cell phone users on the planet may all be dancing like the folks in the iPod commercials. Talk about a massive future market for mobile entertainment and information services!

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