Google Labs Search by Location

I just read on Doc Searl’s weblog about Google Lab’s new search by location engine. Wow! This has real potential. But like, I wonder how long Google will leave this in beta and how long before they figure out a way to integrate it into the average Googler’s user experience. They keep building great new tools, but the average person probably just uses Google’s home page search engine. I think local search engines will be used by everyone when they make it onto all our portable devices and into our cars. My Acura GPS system would have been 10 times better with a powerful local keyword search engine integrated into it.

For my first ever search by location search I looked for toys in Salt Lake City, UT and found a map and ten places to visit (ToyRUs was #4, but probably should be first).

I was pleased when I searched for marketing in Orem, UT and found 10x Marketing was ranked #1. I guess incoming links matter to the local search engine algorithm as well. And of course, the company name helps as well.

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