Own a Little Stock in Lots of Companies

My Bristol-Myers-Squibb 2003 annual report came in the mail yesterday. I scanned it this morning and noticed a few interesting things and had a new business idea as a result. It reminded me of some advice I\’ve given to entrepreneurs in the past that I\’d like to blog about: own 1 share of as many companies as you can in the industries you are interested in.

As a shareholder, you\’ll receive annual reports and other shareholder notices. These are excellent opportunities to see the big picture, learn what the company is saying to its stakeholders, and how it\’s operations are doing.

I love my Suunto watch

I love my Suunto phone with MSN direct internet service. I get news headlines, stock quotes, weather and now sports scores for my favorite NBA teams. I recharge the watch about twice a week. It\’s no problem. My favorite feature, though, is having my Outlook appointments sent to my watch. This is all done through FM radio transmission. It\’s way cool. Highly recommended (though a bit pricey).