Learning on Location: WorldHistory.com from anywhere

From Wired.com, May 18th:

Technologists have long dreamed of a clickable world, where machine-readable tags link physical objects to the universe of information on the Web. That dream came closer to reality this month with the release of Semacode, a free system that lets camera phones convert bar codes into URLs.

From Smart Mobs by Howard Reingold (pp. 91-93), a must-read book.

Will Google Netscape Microsoft?

Last November, Google released its Deskbar, which allows you to search the web from your Windows toolbar without using a browser. I use it occasionally; but when I first learned about it I blogged a memo to Larry Page and Sergey Brin with what I thought was a brilliant idea, but probably one that had occured to them long before. I suggested that Google provide a free search tool that would index all your personal email and all the files on your desktop.

Yahoo Gaining Subscribers But Google Mail is Threatening

Yahoo does a great job supplementing its advertising revenue with a growing subscription revenue. I like companies that offer valuable free services and then upsell you on additional premium services. I\’ve been using Yahoo email for years and about 2 years ago started paying them $30-50 per year for additional storage space and spam filtering.

But even more, I like companies that offer valuable free services that are supported by other business models.

The Arbinger Institute

Yesterday I attended an excellent full-day leadership training session in Salt Lake City sponsored by the Sutherland Institute and presented by Jim Ferrell of the Arbinger Institute. Several state legislators and prominent community leaders also attended the workshop. As I see it, the goal was to help people with different opinions to learn how to see each other (even their opponents) as people, not as objects, so that civil dialogue can take place and lasting solutions can be found.

E-Myth Author Speaks in Utah Valley

The Deseret News reported on Michael Gerber\’s speech at UVSC. I attended this along with three CEOs of Infobase Ventures companies. It was outstanding. He has influenced me greatly along with hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs. I spoke with him for several minutes after the speech and thanked him for helping me grow my first two companies without any formal business training.

Free Seminar on Raising Capital in Utah

How to Raise Money in Utah Seminar – May 5, 2004

This free seminar is two hours long, featuring venture professionals and an anything goes Q&A session. The next seminar will be May 5, 2004 from 4:30-6:30pm at the Miller Business Innovation Center in Sandy. May\’s presenters are: Blake Modersitzki of UV Partners, A. Robert Thorup of Ray Quinney & Nebeker, and Will West of Control4.