Nanotech at BYU

Steve Jurvetson has an interview on Always-On where he stated that the 18 investments they have made in nanotechnology have all come from universities or government-funded research. The cost of doing nanotech research is enormous. So I suppose if I want to get involved in nanotechnology, I should look in my own backyard first, at BYU. A patent attorney of mine just told me about a BYU professor involved in nanotechnology.

Angel Investors in Utah

I\’m studying the definitive work on \’>Angel Investing by two Harvard Business School professors. One of the primary points of the book is that the contribution of angels to entrepreneurship is highly underrated. VCs seem to get all the press. But the book claims that \”Business angels fund thirty to forty times more ventures each year than venture capitalists.\”

VCs tend to fund larger deals and angels tend to fund smaller, earlier stage deals.

Nanotechnology Investing

Implementing tried and true internet marketing and development strategies for our portfolio companies continues to generate traffic, revenue and market presence. It\’s rewarding when search engine, affiliate, and email marketing strategies work over and over again. But it\’s also a bit predictable and just ever-so-slightly boring to keep doing the same things (howbeit successfully) again and again. I\’ve felt for some time that I need to gear up for the next big wave, the next new technology that can challenge my imagination and creativity.