Google\’s IPO web site

The Google IPO web site is live so people can sign up to get a bidder ID. I\’m going to go through the process and possibly bid for a few shares. How could I miss out on this historic dutch auction? The last time I bought shares in an IPO was a friends and family deal back in \’99 where I flipped the shares in 3 days and made 60% of my annual salary in that time. This is definitely not \’99 and those buying into this IPO should probably buy and hold.

How Google Will Make Money in Print

From Wall Street Journal:

In a sign of how the Internet is rebounding, Jupiter predicts that marketers will spend $8.4 billion on online advertising in 2004, while earmarking $12.2 billion for magazines. In 2007, the two platforms each will get $13.8 billion. In 2008, online ad spending surges ahead, capturing $15 billion, compared to magazines\’ $14.5 billion, Jupiter predicts. The gap widens in 2009. The Jupiter forecast is set to be released Wednesday.

Turning Off Comments on My Blog

I had to turn comments off because so many people complained at how slow my blog was. I did some research. It turns out Radio Userland has to count the number of comments before it displays my blog, and that can slow it way down. So I turned off comments.

But I really miss the feedback and the conversation. I\’m a lonelier blogger now.

I\’m looking for a remotely-hosted message board that I can link to whenever I post. My two top candidates so far are and

Can anyone give me a recommendation?

How the Internet Will Affect Politics and Government

I finished Joe Trippi\’s book last night, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Democracy, the Internet, and the Overthrow of Everything. I marked hundreds of passages and dog-eared dozens of pages. This is one man\’s insider view of how the Dean campaign revolutionized political campaigns forever, but more importantly, how \”open source\” politics will finally overthrow the top-down broadcast politics system we\’ve been living with in the age of television.

Innovation Summit at Stanford

I\’ll be attending the Innovation Summit this week at Stanford University. Some of my favorite VCs and technology visionaries will be presenting. I can\’t blog from my laptop or blackberry yet (my Radio Userland blogging software is installed on my desktop only), but I know it\’s possible. When I attend conferences I usually take notes at every session, typing at breakneck speed.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners Taking Off

Remember the \”great sucking sound\” that we used to talk about? I think it\’s the Roomba. In 2003, IRobot sold 470,000 units of the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner. In just the first three months of 2004, the company has exceeded that total, and has high hopes for the second generation of the product.

Buying a robotic vacuum cleaner and lawn mower is definitely in my future purchasing plans.