India Unbound

If you think your company might someday consider outsourcing certain job functions to India, or if you might someday sell products internationally, please read India Unbound. I read it last week and couldn’t put it down.

The book covers India’s socialist system from independence (1947) to the economic reforms of 1991 that refueled the entrepreneurial spirit in India. The author Gurchuran Das is brilliant. He was head of Proctor & Gamble India for many years. Was educated at Harvard. Was involved in a large venture fund in India. He is incredibly qualified to write an economic history of India and to suggest how bright a future that country might have.

I think his intent in writing the book was to “sell India” to the world, to convert us to give it a try as an outsourcing partner and business market. He wants us to believe in its potential. He definitely worked his magic on me. I have four friends who are doing business in India now. I’ll be talking with all of them soon and trying to find my own path to this amazing country.

The book was written in 2000, with a brief 2002 update, but it still feels timely. Outsourcing is in the news almost every day. Plus, one of the key figures that Das profiles in the book, who instigated all the major economic reforms in 1991 that led to India’s incredible economic growth, was just elected prime minister a few weeks ago.

Read “India Unbound.” It’s highly recommended.

Now I’m trying to find an equivalent book about entrepreneurship in China and Russia.

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