Why I like “The Game of Work” by Chuck Coonradt

Infobase Ventures\’ web site has a page that lists resources for entrepreneurs, primarily internet entrepreneurs. We have scores of valuable links: to sites that we use regularly, to tools that are valuable, and to books and articles that we have used successfully to build companies in the past. This morning I realized that I haven\’t listed on our Reading List for Entrepreneurs one of the most practical business books that I\’ve ever read.

Jim Cramer Autobiography

I\’m captivated by Jim Cramer\’s autobiography, Confessions of a Street Addict. I\’m just finishing reading about thestreet.com\’s IPO in 1999, a real insiders view of the bubble. I watch Kudlow and Cramer as often as I can. Jim Cramer is a real character, and really smart, and really entertaining. His book has really helped me understand more about Wall Street. I admit to being ignorant of many things–my college degree is in Russian, not business.