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The Original Multi-Language Blogger

I am happy to report that I have offers from entrepreneurs to translate my blog and resource pages into Polish, Portuguese and Italian. In searching for translators, I also learned about a software programmer named Joel Spolsky who started a blog called Joel on Software in 2000. His blog is translated into more than 30 languages. His Alexa ranking is excellent, and astonishingly there are more than 682,000 pages in Google that contain the phrase \”Joel on Software”. (I guess there will now be 682,001 when Google indexes this page in a day or two.) That is amazing.

I hope Joel will give me advice on how to do a multi-lingual blog. I want to automate it as much as possible so that translators know when I post something, and I know when they have translated something, and links are automatically generated when there is new content to link to. I’m using Radio Userland for my blog and will probably call CEO Scott Young to see if he knows of any add-on tools that might make this easy to do.

One benefit my translators will get: they can ask me to blog about topics that they are most interested in and they can ask me for advice about their own startup companies. I generally do research for hours each day and would love to cover topics that are of interest to my readers and translators. Let me know if you can help with one of the remaining languages.

3 thoughts on “The Original Multi-Language Blogger

  1. Joel Spolsky is a very well-known name in IT. He is considered to be one of the most influential people in the field. The blog you are referrign to is actually an RSS feed of his column, “Joel on Software”

  2. Hi paul,

    I use the same platform as you do — radio and unfortunately it does not seem to support unicode which is necessary for many Asian languages.

    So with some difficulty, I also put up some chinese translations of some of my blogs, but so far, it garnered less than a handful of readers.

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