Help Me Manage My Contacts in Microsoft Office!


I have been using categories in Microsoft Office (2002 Version) for almost a year now. I have several hundred contacts marked as investors and entrepreneurs. I really need to add all of them to a new \”Distribution List\” so that I can easily email this list when I need to. (I\’ll of course use BCC: so that everyone doesn\’t get everyone elses contact info.)

But this is where I stumble. I can use \”Advanced Find\” to find all the investors and entrepreneurs, but then I don\’t know how to add these contacts to a new permanent distribution list all at once.

User Generated Content and \”Tagging\”

I blogged in December about how fast growing web sites are often fueled by user content. Users post content, which attracts more users (as search engine index this content), who in turn post more content.

Today I discovered a new Idealab company called Insiderpages that is focused on the local yellow pages market. All the local listings are created by users. "The yellow pages written by friends", it says. Launched in November, the site has a 1 week Alexa ranking of 50,000, which is excellent for such a new site.

Josh Coates Speech at UVEF

If you live in Utah and want to excel as an entrepreneur, I highly recommend joining the Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum. I\’ve been attending forum lunches for about 8 years. Today\’s meeting was one of the best ever. Josh Coates, Silicon Valley entrepreneur and founder of scale8 (they raised more than $80 million) spoke to us today. He spent 30 minutes on the right way to develop enterprise products–by including potential customers in every step of the design process.

While at scale8 he personally visited about 80 large companies in three months talking to their IT teams to find out what storage technology they needed. His passion for understanding customers was evident when he showed us a few of the 8,000 quotes he had fastidiously recorded (almost verbatim) in his design review sessions. Imagine having 8,000 quotes from your potential customers about what they want in a solution–before you complete version 1.0!

Building a Mobile Content Business

In the early 90\’s, many CD ROM publishers did very well. The Bureau of Electronic Publishing had a catalog with thousands of popular titles.

In the late 90\’s, content migrated to the web. \”Content is King\” was the theme of many internet conferences. Many content companies did very well–some with advertising business models, some with ecommerce, and some with subscription business models.

In the future, the same content that drove CD ROM sales and mass adoption of the internet will migrate to cell phones and other portable devices.

Millionaires in Utah

Mailing list companies have massive databases that include most consumers and businesses in the United States. You can target consumers by age, gender, income, interests, credit, location, subscriptions to specific magazines, and hundreds of other traits. I\’ve done less direct marketing using mailing lists in the last few years than I did in the 90\’s with my first company, but I still like to receive free catalogs from the mailing list vendors.