The Entrepreneur\’s Manual

As a huge fan of The Entrepreneur\’s Manual published in 1977, I\’ve been wondering what happened to the author Richard M. White. This morning I received an email from a friend who found a 1995 San Jose Mercury news article that says Rich White passed away from cancer in 1995, five years after being diagnosed. Rich was born in North Carolina, received his business degree from Notre Dame, and spent his life starting companies and then helping others learn how to succeed in business. Chilton Publishing sold more than 300,000 copies of his book.

Yahoo Buys Flickr; IAC Buys Ask Jeeves

Jerry Yang announced Yahoo\’s acquisition of Flickr and Barry Diller\’s IAC pays $1.8 billion for AskJeeves. IAC also launched, which combined with AskJeeves gets IAC quickly into the ecommerce and comparison shopping space. The backend database could easily be used to launch a Froogle or service as well.