The Biggest Damper on the Entrepreneurial Spirit

I am a cheerleader for entrepreneurs. Nearly every week I meet new young entrepreneurs who think their idea can make a big impact on an industry. I want them to succeed and I know many of them will–the ones who dream and take the risks will often end up with amazing success stories.

But it is interesting is to contrast the young do-it-or-die-trying entrepreneurs with talented, seasoned employees who have been in the workforce sometime but are unwilling to make the leap, even to pursue a great idea that they have. The older group have more experience, more knowledge, more connections, more savings, and more ability to be successful. But they are almost always more risk-averse. They may have a family, a lifestyle to protect, and above all, they feel sometimes an overpowering need to keep their existing health insurance policy in place.

Sites to See Near Omaha

While I attend the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting this week in Omaha, I decided I might want to see some LDS Church History sites while there. I talked with Susan Easton Black who told me there is a nice museum at Winter Quarters where Mormon Pioneers built temporary housing on their trek from Illinois to Salt Lake City. Also, there is a restored building at Kanesville, Iowa that has significance for Latter-day Saints, because that is where Brigham Young was chosen to be the President of the Church, 3 years after the death of Joseph Smith.