Sites to See Near Omaha

While I attend the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting this week in Omaha, I decided I might want to see some LDS Church History sites while there. I talked with Susan Easton Black who told me there is a nice museum at Winter Quarters where Mormon Pioneers built temporary housing on their trek from Illinois to Salt Lake City. Also, there is a restored building at Kanesville, Iowa that has significance for Latter-day Saints, because that is where Brigham Young was chosen to be the President of the Church, 3 years after the death of Joseph Smith.

Susan also told me there is a temple near Winter Quarters with striking stained glass windows. There are now about 120 Mormon Temples around the world, up from about 17 when I was young. has some info on Mormon Temples.

4 thoughts on “Sites to See Near Omaha

  1. I happened to be driving past the mormon temple in Winter Quarters when it was just under construction. I didn’t realize just how big the mormon temples were until I saw the size of the whole they dug. It was pretty cool.

    The next time you’re there, there is also an information center (or something like this, maybe it’s a museum) right near the temple. They have some pretty good information about the city and the trek the mormon pioneers made across the central United States.

  2. The Temple in Omaha is one of the smaller temples. Can you imagine the size of the hole they’d have to dig for the big ones?! I hope you enjoyed your stay in Omaha.

  3. Next time you are in Omaha, drop me a line. I moved out here this Spring. It has surprisingly more to offer than I imagined.

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