Blackberry Beating Palm

I love my Blackberry. I can\’t imagine why all executives don\’t get one, unless their thumbs are too big. I do the vast majority of my email on the go and save myself an hour a two of day of sitting at my computer. (But I admit, there are a lot of people who work for me and with me that won\’t take my advice and make this investment.)

Mark Andreesen once predicted that humans would evolve smaller thumbs in order to use the Blackberry keyboard. He was using it as his exclusive email client (except for attachments) clear back in 2000. I guess the Treo is okay as well, and some Palm devices are getting mini keyboards. But why anyone sticks with a mobile device with a clumsy stylus and graffiti is beyond me.

So as an addict, it\’s no surprise to me that Blackberry has now passed Palm in PDA sales. I predict this will continue, but if Palm releases a Nokia-killer with a 4 GB hard drive as rumored, then things will get more interesting…until RIM releases a Blackberry with a hard drive that is.

One thought on “Blackberry Beating Palm

  1. Do you ever need to print attachments from your Blackberry while traveling? Spreadsheets or long emails or anything that is hard to view on your blackberry? If there was a software for Blackberries that would allow you to any fax machine would you subscribe? @ $4.50/mth.???

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