Crime Data Overlays on Google Maps

I can imagine a world where billions of people have portable devices (cell phones or mobile computers) with Google Maps.

They\’ll be able to choose from thousands of databases wherever they are, and can overlay them on top of Google Maps, providing them with incredibly interesting and useful information for planning travel, shopping, housing decisions, and more.

Two weeks ago in Price, Utah I demonstrated Google Maps and Satellite Images with Local Search (way cool!) and told the audience to image Froogle data on top of Google Maps: where is the nearest place that I can buy X? I\’m sure that won\’t be far off. And it will be on our mobile phones soon enough.

Here\’s an interesting one:

I hope to have my own Google Maps implementation overlaid with some history data soon. I\’ve got a project spec\’d out, I just need a developer who wants to implement a project using the Google Maps API. Anyone interested?

6 thoughts on “Crime Data Overlays on Google Maps

  1. WOW! I can now begin to see what you have been talking about. I would love to see/pay for the crime report of an area I am going to be moving to. This technology has a lot of potential.

  2. I’ll help you out. I’ve got a Google maps idea that I am working on with someone as well. There is no doubt the whole “map XYZ using Google maps” idea is going to become extremely popular, extremely quickly.

  3. Great…I keyed in my URL too quickly on my last post and spelled it incorrectly (leading to a broken link). I got it right this time if someone can fix it and erase this post.

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