Great Article: Hiring is Obsolete

Thanks to Eliot Jacobsen for sending me the link to the Paul Graham article on why 20 year olds should seriously think about starting their own company.
Paul shares the most exciting thoughts I\’ve ever read about
disintermediating employers–let the young technologists figure out
what the customers want and build it–and not go to work for a big
company that doesn\’t listen to customers very well and doesn\’t create
products very well anyway. Highly recommended! (And just in time for me
to share these ideas with dozens of young students at the UVSC
Enterpreneurship Camp next week.)

3 thoughts on “Great Article: Hiring is Obsolete

  1. This was a good read. Not that he said contrary, but not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. Especially 20 year olds. I’ve been doing this entrepreneurial thing formally now for only 3 years. I still feel I have a lot to prove to consider myself a true entrepreneur and only time will tell.

  2. I also think this was a good read. I started my first business as a teen. I however started college at 14 and dropped out to pursue my business interests. It did hurt me later when my businesses tanked for one reason or another (kinda hard to validate some aspects of life experience in the corporate world without that dust collecting piece of paper). Howver, I never gave up on starting projects, and now I’m working for my own companies again. I think highly of folks in this age bracket that have the desire to do a startup, even if they work for a small startup that they can become vested in. 80% of those I’ve hired this last year are between the ages of 22 and 23. I must admit that I didn’t do this deliberately, but I did find that these individuals had the drive to create and to take some risks that are needed for newer operations, which I hope to reward them greatly at some point. Anyone with a keen eye will be wise to look at the potential of the driven/smart 20 somethings that want more than just a paycheck.

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