How to Get Smart Fast

Too many entrepreneurs try to do it alone.

But it\’s easy to work together with a group of entrepreneurs that helps everyone succeed. That is what YEO and other organizations like it are all about. There are many examples of this in history.

In 1727 Benjamin Franklin and 12 friends formed a group which he called Junto, where they discussed the topics of the day for their mutual improvement. For decades these individuals helped each other succeed and make contributions to society.

Napolean Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, wrote about Mastermind groups which he learned from Andrew Carnegie.

Authors Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen advocate building a Dream Team, a group of people who can guide you and help you achieve your goals.

Yesterday I held my first Brainstorm Meeting for entrepreneurs in Utah County. We met at Magelby\’s for lunch. There were about a dozen of us.

After introductions I asked everyone to tell us what the biggest problem facing their business is right now. Then everyone pitched in freely with ideas and suggestions about how to solve their problem.

One person volunteered to take notes and captured dozens of excellent comments and ideas, web sites and marketing tactics, that could be very helpful.

We pooled our knowledge and all came away richer.

I think there is power in groups discussing problems and possible solutions, especially when everyone shares their ideas and knowledge freely.

If you are an entrepreneur, you should join or form such a group in your area.

If you want to attend our next Utah County Brainstorm meeting, email kateygreat \”at\”

7 thoughts on “How to Get Smart Fast

  1. I think this is an absolutely brilliant idea! How did you begin to organize this meeting? I live in Virginia and would love to organize one in my community.

  2. I like the sounds of the group and I’m very interested in the results. You mentioned that notes were taken. Have the notes been published? If not is there some way I can look at them?

  3. You are so true! I have formed several type clubs here, one focussed on property investment, and the other of a group of investors looking at opening up cafes! silly, but its great to meet and discuss. I am looking at joining more such sorts of groups!

  4. That sounds like a great opportunity for a brain feast (brain food, ha ha)! I am a young entrepreneur in the internet based application field and I would love to attend one of your brainstorming meetings!

  5. Let’s meet! I actually started a little entrepreneur club in Paris, interestingly after I emailed the whole list of candidates that couldn’t make it this year into HEC (top business school), list which I belonged to as well. I figured an interesting way to construct above a failure. There’s more info on my blog. Let’s get creative, together!

  6. This is excellent! I’m an inventor and idea person, but more of a “wanna-be” entrepreneur and having this kind of resource is paramount for my success. I’m always peppering my advisors with questions and receiving prime advice in return. Business (life) is really about relationships. Money is a by-product of successful relationships. This really does work!

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