Never Miss a Chance to Test Online Ad Copy

I really like Google Adwords.

Several hundred thousand companies now bid on keywords using Google AdWords.

A recent interface change makes it easier to select additional keywords. A previous change made it possible to change the maximum bid for each keyword individually.

I like what Google is providing for advertisers.

But there may be a feature that relatively few advertisers take advantage of. That is the ability to have multiple ads for each set of keywords. Google will randomly rotate your ad copy and keep track of the best performing ad. Over time, they run the good ad more than the poor ad.

Every time you create an Ad Group, you must create more than one ad. Test a different title, or different ad copy, or even a different URL.

Classic direct marketers know that you live and die on testing. Direct mail campaigns costing millions of dollars can deliver optimal results if smaller test mailings are done previously, with tests for offer, price, headline, envelope design, etc.

But online marketers sometimes are lazy compared to the disciplined direct marketers of the past. Everything is so easy, and so inexpensive, and so fast for us, that we sometimes don\’t have the discipline we should.

Imagine that through testing on Google you learn something every week that will improve the results of your marketing. Imagine what this will mean to your business over a long period of time to know the keywords and the ad copy and the URLs and the landing page designs that will generate the highest click throughs and conversions for you.

A difference of .3% or .5% on your click through rate doesn\’t seem like much, but over a year, it might mean the difference between losing money and being profitable.

Little things over a long period of time really add up and really make a difference. For example:

  • A penny, invested at 12% annually for 180 years turns into $10 million.
  • If you gain an ounce a week every week from the time you are 20 to the time you turn 40, you will have put on 40 extra pounds.
  • A new employee with a $20,000 salary may cost your company $3 million in salary, benefits, and overhead costs over his/her entire career. I learned to think this way by reading the 2004 Annual Berkshire Hathaway Report by Warren Buffett (page 8).

A slight increase in click rate, or a slight increase in conversion rate, multiplied by the lifetime value of a customer, can turn into many thousands or millions of dollars.

Never miss a chance to test your ad copy, or anything else for that matter. It will pay off big time.

2 thoughts on “Never Miss a Chance to Test Online Ad Copy

  1. Josh,

    It’s better to run a single randomized A/B test at a time for each ad group (Google handles this for you). The process is quicker because you get statistically significant results faster, and the results are more scientific, because there are fewer variables to wonder about.

    – Eric

  2. Paul, I just finished 6 different Google Adword Ads. Each with a different combination of a title and keywords to test which are more effective. Thanks for Friday’s blog because without it I would not have done this…thanks…Josh…email:

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