BYU as an Incubator

My friend Tad Walch wrote an article in today\’s Deseret News about the Business Week article that highlights Provo and 4 other cities as great places to start companies. BYU gets a lot of credit, as does the missionary program of the LDS Church, for creating entrepreneurs.

Tad got some good quotes from my other friend, Dave Bateman, who is possibly my favorite bootstrapping entrepreneur of all time–a constant source of inspiration and amazingly smart ideas.

Need Help Selling A Great Domain Name!

I have purchased dozens of good domain names over the years, but haven\’t sold a great one before. But one of my companies is trying to sell the domain name.

From your experience, what is the best way to sell a good domain name like this? Should we list it on various broker sites (like, hire a professional broker, or what?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.