Utah Entrepreneurs Lead a Happy Life

Steve Gibson, whose license plate is MENTOR, is a successful business
man who spends most of his time and resources giving back. He has
backed some of the most successful startup companies in Utah. He
teaches entrepreneurship at BYU. And he and his wife founded my
favorite philanthopic organization, the Academy for Creating Enterprise, which trains entrepreneurs in the Philippines. He has faith in people and tries to help them succeed. He is one of my heroes.

He is also an accomplished writer. His recent Deseret News column
reports on research that his BYU students have done surveying
successful Utah entrepreneurs to see what they value and what makes
them tick. The bottom line: the vast majority are happy at work and at
home and feel that their religious faith has helped them in business. 100% of the entrepreneurs surveyed enjoy their work.

Thanks, Steve, for pointing out through research how fulfilling the
life of an entrepreneur can be, at least for those who are in
fast-growing companies. Let\’s hope that entrepreneurs who are still in
the struggling phases will study, work, and perserve until they too can
achieve business success.

If you an entrepreneur who is unhappy or struggling now, just remember
that things will change, things will improve. As my brother says,
you\’ll be an overnight success after 10 years of hard work.

4 thoughts on “Utah Entrepreneurs Lead a Happy Life

  1. I feel that there is great potential in every person that is suppressed and under developed due to fear and lack of opportunity to grow. I love entrepreneurship because it provides an arena where anyone can shine and develop their potential. It is great to see people take responsibility for their lives (financial and spiritual) and find freedom and peace. Thanks for the positive article.

  2. Steve is a great guy. As one living in the city of Cebu and with the chamber of commerce, I have meet Steve twice, and can attest the great work he has done.

    Have also visited and spoke to some of his students. They not only train people on entrepreneurship but support them to pursue the studies they have made.

  3. Thanks for the positive outlook on the good things happening in Utah. It’s kind of depressing to hear about all of the debt and bankruptcy going on. Your perspective and optomistic attitude is very inspiring. Thank you.

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