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A Myriad of Decisions for Internet Startups

I continually get questions from students and startups such as: Which
email solution provider should I use? What is the best affiliate
program to launch? What about payment processing? What is the best
low-cost or free web analytics software?

These are tough questions for anyone to answer because most of us, even
internet veterans, have tried only a handful of solutions in each
category (email, affiliate, analytics, payment processing, etc.) and
often have deep experience with only one.

And today there are literally hundreds of available solutions, from

Angel Investors

There are now 421 angel investors on and several more are joining every day. When I spoke at the NASVF
conference last week in Philadelphia I told the audience that I think
about 10% of our registered angels are members of organized angel
investor groups, but 90% are independent. I based my estimate on what I
know about the angel investors on the Utah site.

But this week we started asking every new angel investor which
organized angel group(s) they belong to, if any. So my 10% guess will
turn into a pretty good estimate soon.

Last time I checked we were signing up more than 4 angel investors each
day, about 40 entrepreneurs, and getting about 17 new business plans
submitted every day. If you annualize those numbers, you get more than

Seth Godin Live

Last Thursday in New York I heard Seth Godin
in person for the first time. I\’ve been learning from him for many
years, ever since I read \”Permission Marketing,\” which is still my
favorite Seth Godin book — a must read for anyone doing business in
the age of web sites and email.

I like a lot of things about Seth. For one, he is a family man. A
friend of mine tried to get him to speak at a Utah convention, but he
rarely travels west of the Mississippi — it takes him away from his
family for too long. I really enjoyed his presentation.