The Cost of Research

I am spending a good deal of time trying to determine where mobile technology is going. Several of my companies are going to be involved in delivering content or services to mobile devices including cell phones.

So it is a bit frustrating to keep finding research analyst reports that are priced in the $2-5,000 range. Here\’s a 53 page report on the future of mobile phones selling for $3,495.

Zoovy: Rapid Response to New Opportunities

I have a friend who uses Zoovy for her e-commerce system. That is the only way — until today — that I had heard of the company.

But today I was very impressed to discover that they have already integrated their e-commerce services with Google Analytics, Google Base and Google Site Map.

My friend really likes Zoovy. Now I can see why.

Google + Yahoo + eBay + Amazon = less than Microsoft

Interesting to add up the market caps of the 4 leading internet companies and compare them to 30 year old Microsoft.

Google: $124.9 billion
eBay: $66 billion
Yahoo: $61.2 billion
Amazon: $20 billion
Total: $272.1 billion

Microsoft: $297.7 billion

I blogged in 2004, months before Google went public, that within 10-15 years Google\’s market cap would surpass Microsoft\’s.