2 Billion Cell Phones in Use

Check out this article from Reuters: Cell phone makers aim to get production costs to $20 per handset by 2007 and to $15 by 2008. Approximately 810 million mobile phones will be sold this year up from 680 million last year. 3.5 billion people live in areas with coverage who cannot afford their own handset, so lower prices means more market penetration.

From 1990-1997 I rode the CD ROM wave (Infobases); from 1996-2004 the internet wave (Ancestry.com, MyFamily.com, 10x Marketing); for the last 2 years I\’ve been on the mp3 audio wave (LDSAudio.com, mp3books.com); and I\’m determined to find a way to be involved in mobile phones (through content, community, search, audio, video, GPS and maybe even gaming) so that I don\’t miss out on what is the biggest worldwide consumer technology wave so far.

3 thoughts on “2 Billion Cell Phones in Use

  1. Paul, how long (do you think) until we start to see a little more legislation on the cell phone companies? It just seems like they are really in their heyday right now where they are very much in control. (e.g., ridiculous contracts and terms, turning off features of the phones and making them carrier specific.) I can’t imagine selling a TV that only gets the abc networks and only has smoe of the features turned on.

  2. Mp3 audio and cell phone, as I’m sure you’re aware, are converging. Every gadget hound I know has been waiting for it. So why do you think Motorola released such a dog like the ROKR? Surely the technical constraints weren’t the reason…

  3. […] Between the increases in the number of users who will interact with their content and the increase in the types of consumer electronic brands that can support their common media language, DivX is in a great position to capitalize on the emerging markets without the same level of political risk that would be required if you made a direct play in India or China. When you think about the opportunities for expansion, you have to think globally when it comes to DivX and when I look at the number of cell phones, DVRs, DVD players, portable electronic devices and digital cameras that are sold on a global basis, my eyes pop out of my head. […]

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