Keyword Density Tool in Firefox

I just discovered a new feature of Firefox that I love. You can right click on any web page and choose \”Show Keyword Density\” and type in any keyword or phrase, and instantly see a nice keyword density report that covers Title, Meta keywords, Body, Headers, Links, Bold, and Meta description.

Having this functionality embedded in the browser will be a real time saver for SEO-saavy web designers and copywriters. Kudos to the person that added this feature to Firefox.

I\’m not sure what the ideal keyword density is these days (I remember hearing that it used to be about 5%-8% on body text) but this little right click tool will help you make sure you don\’t forget to use the keyword in the title, use bolded text (for the keywords you are targeting), and headers and links containing the target words.

I\’d like someone from Provo Labs to do a little experiment and run 10 or so queries in Google (for random keywords) and then run a Firefox Keyword Density report on the #1 results for each query, and then put the data in a spreadsheet and send it around to our team. Then I can blog the results here.

It is likely that or or someone from SearchEngineWatch with a research focus has done something on a much larger scale. Has anyone seen anything compelling with the latest data on ideal keyword density and how important it is relative to link popularity?

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  1. Go to tools –> extensions, and you’ll see a little link that says “Get More Extensions”. This brings you to the Firefox extensions page where you can do a query for “keyword density”. The only result I found is called the “SearchStatus” extension:

    “Display the Google PageRank and Alexa popularity score anywhere in your browser, along with fast keyword density analyser, backward/related/category links, Alexa info etc.”

    I think this must be the one Paul is using. There are a number of other really great extensions for Firefox, some of my favorites being “CustomizeGoogle”, “Flashblock”, and “Web Developer”. CustomizeGoogle numbers you search results, which is great for tracking your progress with SEO, especially if your in the further down the page. 🙂 Web Developer has some *great* tools for editing web pages, including a way to change your CSS and view results in real time. Very handy.

    That’s the thing with open source. If there’s a need, it’s easy to fill because you can get access to the program’s guts. There are *tons* of other good Firefox extensions out there because people can itch their own itch, and share their solution with others.

  2. Jordy, you’re right, it’s not a built in function of Firefox. You have to install the SearchStatus extension or another similar extention that provides the keyword density information. You can find more info on the SearchStatus extension at:

    It’s a very cool browser extension for anyone interested in search marketing. In addition to the keyword density checker Paul mentioned, it also gives quick access to backlinks in Yahoo, Google, and MSN, lets you check which pages of a site are indexed, look up the whois info on a site, see the historical versions of the site on and several other cool functions. It doesn’t really tell you anything you can’t get elsewhere on the web or with other tools, but it puts all that info within one convenient mouse click.

    After you install the extension, click on the little “q” symbolat the bottom right corner of your browser to see all the stuff you can check out about the site you’re visiting.

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