Google Buys Radio Ad Company, To Enable Online Purchase of Radio Spots

Google is experimenting with print ads, and now makes this very significant acquistion in the radio advertising space. I believe the time will come that marketers will be able to reach virtually any audience, in virtually any medium, by using a Google service to purchase placement for their ad.

Early reports have suggested that the Google print advertisers haven\’t been overwhelmed by success. But they\’ll get better. And a lack of immediately success won\’t stop Google from trying to automate the purchase of radio and later TV advertisements.

And why stop there? Google will certainly get into outdoor advertising, buying up digital billboards and bus signs, so that from your desktop computer you can buy ad placement anywhere.

If you were Google and had hundreds of thousands of customers spending billions of dollars a year to get their message in front of your audience–why wouldn\’t you offer other advertising services (print, radio, TV, outdoor, yellow pages, and pay-per-call) to these same marketers? I think that is where things are heading.

2 thoughts on “Google Buys Radio Ad Company, To Enable Online Purchase of Radio Spots

  1. I’m not really sure about the radio and outdoor advertising. Google’s strength is not in the ease of buying ads, but in using lots of data and smart software to quickly choose the ads most likely to influence the person that is looking at them.

    This works great on the web since google knows a lot about what you do, read and search for AND is able to show different ad set for every user. It will be very similar in case of cable networks — cable operators will soon be able to show different ads for every household. The technology is certainly there, just needs some money and Google’s data and algorithms to actually pick the right content.

    In case of print, billboards and radio you are talking to much wider audiences. The more popular the billboard placement is the less you know about the person who will see it. Also, you have very little feedback to reason about ads’ effectiveness.

    Perhaps this is all just a matter of statistics, but in that case things will happen at much slower pace than what we are accustomed to in software world.

    And why draw a line somewhere? Because even google simply can’t do everything at the same time, so I think they will not start doing things that different from what they already do.

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