Google Growth to Come From Traditional Media

Google Growth to Come From Traditional Media

Google\’s growth was slower than projected and their stock is getting hammered today, but the company is promising to generate future revenue growth by expanding its advertising reach into traditional advertising channels. So much for \”focus on search.\”

So who are the best candidates you know out there to be the next Google, the next leader in providing the best search results?

Has anyone got a list of say the top 100 search engines according to Comscore or Hitwise?

Fast Growing Blog Network

My friend Tim Stay is an incredible entrepreneur. His ventures work. He knows how to dive in, learn everything about an industry, and find a way to make his businesses succeed. He has great partners and they work well together.

So keep an eye on his new, fast-growing blog network, Know More Media. They are barely over 30 days old. Have dozens of excellent bloggers. And check out this 3 month Alexa chart!

RFID subway pass? Sure, New York says | CNET

RFID subway pass? Sure, New York says | CNET

I\’m experimenting with the \”Press It\” feature of WordPress which I\’ve just added to my toolbar. It allows me to click \”Press It\” while viewing any web page and immediately blog about it.

I may seem dumb for not having implementing this before. But I\’m sure I\’ll use it plenty now that it is just one click away.

Help Wanted: Mobile Content

At CES this year I attended several sessions on mobile content, and learned a great deal. One of the main things that I learned is that I am relatively ignorant about this space. I was embarrassed to not know what a MVNO was, and \”off portal\” and \”off deck\” were not in my vocabulary.

But since billions of people will have cell phones in the coming years and my driving interest is to provide wholesome, healthy, educational, historical, genealogical, family and religious content to people everywhere using any device, I need to dive into this space with vigor.

Your Content Everywhere

Sling Media raised another $46 million to make your home entertainment content accessible wherever you travel.

I wonder what this means to Orb Networks, which I first saw at Always On in 2005, which also offers a way to access your home PC content (including TV) on your internet-connected PDA or mobile phone.

Here\’s an Alexa chart that shows how much web site traffic these companies are generating:

Successful Business Plans

I remember writing my first business plan back in 1996. I bought some software that offered templates and spreadsheet models that I could use. I also hired a consultant to help me with the writing. I still have a copy of that original plan which I kept in a 3-ring binder.

I also have a copy of the Powerpoint presentation that we used to raise our first $1.3 million at During the bubble, you really didn\’t need a complete business plan. Just a good domain name and the right VC connections. Money was really flowing.

FundingUtah Speedpitching Event Feb. 2nd

If you are an angel investor and want a fun experience, join me and a couple dozen other angel investors for\’s first Salt Lake City entrepreneur speedpitching event Thursday, February 2nd.

The staff at have selected 10 promising entrepreneurs for the event. They have been coached on how to deliver informative and energetic pitches. It promises to be an exciting day.

Last November the first ever FundingUtah speedpitching event attracted journalists, photographers, and even KSL news, which broadcast a 2 minute report of the event on the evening news. Check it out. This is fun stuff.

Visit the FundingUtah web site for more information or call them at 801-805-4847.