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My friend Tim Stay is an incredible entrepreneur. His ventures work. He knows how to dive in, learn everything about an industry, and find a way to make his businesses succeed. He has great partners and they work well together.

So keep an eye on his new, fast-growing blog network, Know More Media. They are barely over 30 days old. Have dozens of excellent bloggers. And check out this 3 month Alexa chart!

I like Tim\’s recent post entitled \”I Sneeze for Seth\” (as in Seth Godin.)

5 thoughts on “Fast Growing Blog Network

  1. It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out. The biggest blog networks have all been based on hobbies etc (e.g. celebrity gossip, gadgets, video games). As a writer for Weblogs Inc. I know their supply chain blog gets very little traffic and they seem to be staying away from business blogs.

    In come the smaller fish…

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Paul.

    In reference to Blake’s comment, we are glad that Weblogs Inc is staying
    away from business, as they do so many things right, they would be tough to
    compete against. We do not expect to have a blockbuster site like Engadget
    in our network that attracts the masses. We expect to have lots of really narrow
    topics covered by really knowledgeable experts that attract very targeted readers.
    Our readers will be valuable to our advertisers,not on a CPC or CPM basis,
    but based upon how targeted those readers are to the topic of the blog.

  3. Paul, thanks for commenting on Know More Media. I agree, Tim is an amazing individual, I am lucky to have him as a partner.

    There really is incredible potential in providing unbiased information and allowing uncensored dialog in these small, but high purpose business niches. The real challenge that we see is creating a structure, tools, and a model that allows not only scale, but also the ability to maintain a level quality and cross migration between topics. The jury is still out on our ability to execute on this, but so far all signals look positive.

  4. I work for Know More Media and it’s a great time working with (and for) Tim Stay and Rich Christiansen. They’ve taught me a great deal about how to adapt quickly to the lightning-fast changes we experience as a Web-based business.

  5. Not only is this a fast growing blog network, but it is a fast replying blog network as well. Three comments from Know More Media folks on the first day after my post! Impressive.

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