What a Historic Day!

It\’s been a long time since I have noticed so many historic events in a single day.

I\’m watching the State of the Union address on my PVR. President George W. Bush started by mentioning the passing of Coretta Scott King, the widow of Martin Luther King, Jr., the great civil rights leader. The newspapers today announced the retirement of Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, after more than 18 years of service. And Justice Samuel Alito was confirmed to the Supreme Court by a vote of 58-42, after weeks of bitter debate. Under the leadership of Chief Justice Roberts, the Supreme Court may make its most conservative turn in years, and the consequences may last for decades into the future.

Whenever I watch history in the making, I feel a bit of pain that our Worldhistory.com web site is not keeping up with all the news and history. But this will change soon. Our new web site (yes, it\’s \”coming soon!\”) will have more quality content, a better search experience, and will attract more users. If we can empower our users to tag important news and historical documents, then we can begin to accomplish our mission of delivering the most important history content to users all over the world.

We\’ve discussed making journalists (including bloggers!) our primary target market, since they have press deadlines and need to quickly find the background to every day\’s news headlines. If we can provide a valuable service to journalists and bloggers, we think we\’ll get a great deal of exposure and even more traffic.

I\’m anxious to get a WordPress plug-in that will enable me to automatically link to history content on Worldhistory.com whenever I blog about people, places, companies, topics, etc. If it is useful enough, perhaps we can get thousands of bloggers using such a tool to enhance their posts.

I\’ve blogged before about my vision for worldhistory.com, but this time things are different. Provo Labs has set aside a significant amount of seed capital, we\’ve got people for development, content acquisition, and partnerships.

One thought on “What a Historic Day!

  1. Your are absolutely right about that! I was sitting on the sofa yesterday evening, laptop on my, well, lap, listening to the State of the Union, reading about the death of Coretta Scott King, and the confirmation of #110, that Greenspan hosted his last FOMC meeting, etc, etc, etc! What a day!

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