Rivals circle as BlackBerry firm faces patent woes – Business – International Herald Tribune

Rivals circle as BlackBerry firm faces patent woes – Business – International Herald Tribune

An excerpt:

RIM controls 60 percent of the mobile e-mail market, estimated at about 10 million users by Strategy Analytics, a research firm based in Boston. Its closest competitor is Intellisync, owned by Nokia, which has about 9 percent of the market.

Today we gave all our Provo Labs employees an invitation to try a RIM Blackberry (which I use) or a Treo (which Phil Burns uses) and let us know which one they want by the end of the week.

I totally smoked Phil in our thumb typing competition, thus showing the superiority of the Blackberry, so it will be interesting to see which device the employees will choose.

It is just not economical anymore to watch employees sit for 2 or more hours a day sending and reading email at their computers when they could be current with email in near real time with a mobile email device. If it buys them even 10% more productivity, then it\’s totally worth the investment.

3 thoughts on “Rivals circle as BlackBerry firm faces patent woes – Business – International Herald Tribune

  1. Hey! That competition wasn’t fair!!! Amy read too fast for me to keep up! 😉

    I demand a rematch with someone who reads at my typing speed! 😉

    Brock – don’t you already have a Blackberry?

  2. Paul,

    Does the invitation apply to portfolio companies? I’ll come up tomorrow to try out the Treo to see if it compares to the Blackberry! 🙂


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