Google Page Creator

Google Introduces Web Page Creator

You can visit to sign up for a simple web page creation tool. You get 100 MB of free storage space for whatever web pages you build. Google hosts them for free also.

I tried to sign up, but they\’ve already limited access during the beta test period.

With thousands of employees at Google spending 20% of their time working on a pet project, we will continue to see new services rolling out of Google like a flood.

It\’s not part of a big top-down world domination strategy on the part of Google\’s founders. I heard Larry Page say at his CES Keynote that his ability to predict what Google is going to do next is zero. It\’s just part of a massively well funded and empowering and innovative world changing business culture.

I think Google will be the world\’s leading innovation machine for many years.

Google\’s unprecedented empowerment of thousands of smart engineers, and its ability to fund hundreds of promising projects and then to roll the best ones out with virtually no marketing expense to hundreds of millions of users worldwide will enable Google to get into scores of information, advertising and software businesses, all under one umbrella.

The recent Google sell-off is likely just a temporary blip, since long term this company will be wildly successful as the world\’s leading information company.

I loved the recent Business 2.0 featurearticle that has 4 futuristic scenarios predicting what Google might become.

5 thoughts on “Google Page Creator

  1. They are innovative, that’s for sure, but Google have some of the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced online, both with my Adwords, and Adsense accounts. They recently shut down my Adsense account after being on the program for several months citing click fraud, which I know I had nothing to do with. They send me a generic email with (1) chance of an appeal by email which I’ve sent to no avail. They won’t let me access my account and say “I will not be recieving any more checks” from them. Granted, its not a lot of money, but it is a few hundred dollars of mine that they just snatched up.

    That’s where I feel the most threatened by Google. They are more secretive and less transparent than even Microsoft now. And don’t even get me started on their “Don’t be evil” mission statement.

  2. I was able to make an account this morning before it was cut off. (Paul, let me know if you want to get in and look around.)

    As with most Google products, they are not ready for Mac users. can’t be used with the Safari browser so I don’t think that I will use it much.

  3. As far as their valuation being justified…I have a hard time believing they are worth any more then what they are currently selling at (maybe even a little overpriced still). If you run even the most optimistic of numbers, they cannot justify their current price (like they have to double their revenue every year for the next 5 years!!!). They may be a great company, but I doubt how great of investment they are right now.

  4. I’m sure you’ve already seen this, but this is another interesting Google project: – like a, but attempting to do a better job tagging and with more focus on input from corporate databases rather than individuals. Fairly crappy search right now (ironically), but it will get better. Probably a great place to list all the data you gather, podcasts, etc. The data also gets funneled to Google Local, Froogle, etc.

  5. Hi Paul,

    Yes, Google is the dream incubator. I was with at last year’s Google Dance, and Google’s combination of excitement and process-driven development makes for a pretty hearty intenet development machine.

    What you’re doing with ProvoLabs is very similar. After meeting Judd and Chris ( and ProvoLabs) this last week, I can’t help but be excited for you and your team. Intelligence, focus on the essentials, the ability to “riff” about a myriad of topics and dang good attitudes makes for a killer team.

    As for stock valuation: I think we’d all like to see a split, much like we watched AOL in their glory days. It makes the stock a bit more accessible, and is great for shareholders all around (as well ALL know what typical post-split values do… up, up, and away!).

    I wish you tremendous success this year, and watch intently as your harmonize your own web properties.


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