Ten top colleges for entrepreneurs – March 1, 2006

FORTUNE Small Business: Ten top colleges for entrepreneurs – March 1, 2006

I heard recently that in the 70s there were something like 10 universities that offered entrepreneurship courses. But currently it\’s over 1,700. So entrepreneurship education is booming.

But what is interesting to me is that the most successful business people of all time come to lecture at business schools, and the people in the audience are the students, some of whom actually run a business, but most do not.

Google Base starts taking cash – vnunet.com

Google Base starts taking cash – vnunet.com

If you try using Google Base to take payments from customers, let me (and my readers) know how well it works.

It seems improbably that Google Base will take any users away from PayPal which is so standard now. At least, it will take a long time to make a dent, unless somehow the user experience is better with Google Base.

A highly educational day

Today I heard Kevin Rollins speak in Salt Lake City at a BYU Management Society meeting. My good friend Dave Bryce (Wharton Ph.D. and professor at BYU) got to conduct an interview with him. It was really interesting.

Next, I got to meet with a vice president of a major internet company, several local marketing experts, and a professor and some gradudate students at the University of Utah. We had some fascinating discussions, which I can\’t write about.

Why Do Most Companies Fail?

I was asked Tuesday at the Corporate Alliance summit why most companies fail.

My guess is that most companies fail primarily because they don\’t have the right team of people. The CEO might not be right, or the CEO hasn\’t chosen the right people in the right positions, because most CEOs don\’t know the talent level required at each position and the teamwork needed to build a successful company.

This is especially true of young CEOs, who haven\’t been around the block, who haven\’t seen great talent in action, in all the roles necessary to build a successful company.