Reviews for The Privileged Planet: DVD: John Rhys-Davies,Lad Allen Reviews for The Privileged Planet: DVD: John Rhys-Davies,Lad Allen

This is the best program about the universe and our earth that I have ever seen.

I highly recommend it. It filled me with awe for the marvelous universe we live in and with gratitude for the Earth which supports life and is perfectly designed to help us make scientific discoveries. Scientists go through the dozens of things needed to support intelligent life on any planet, and then they discuss how the very factors that enable a planet to support life also create opportunities for maximizing the discovery of scientific facts.

My favorite concept was the idea that while the moon and sun play important roles in supporting life, they also, because of the mathematics of their size and distance from the earth, appear to be of equal size in the heavens, which leads to perfect solar eclipses, which led to some very important scientific discoveries in the 18th century about what the sun is made of, which in turn led to other scientific advances.

Anyway, you must watch this DVD.

One thought on “ Reviews for The Privileged Planet: DVD: John Rhys-Davies,Lad Allen

  1. Thanks for the recommend Paul, I love this sort of thing. Before switching my major to information system and technologies, I was a physics major. If you ever get a chance, read the Elegant Universe by Briane Greene. Great reading!

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