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Yahoo has just lost me as a Yahoo Mail customer. I\’ve been a paying customer for their premium email for a couple of years now. But they kill me. Lately, even when I am sending a single email to someone that I know, Yahoo Mail forces me to enter a CAPTCHA sequence before they will send my email. How could they possibly force me to do this? It drove me crazy. Another big problem is the availability of Yahoo Mail. Too often I can\’t even get to my email. I don\’t know if it\’s just typical server problems or if it has to do with my inbox having about 11,000 messages in it. Either way, it\’s very annoying. Twice in the last month I really needed to dash off a quick email reply before running off for a meeting, and I couldn\’t even pull up my email. Finally, my Blackberry email stopped working yesterday. I called T-Mobile, who transferred me to RIM support, and I learned that yesterday at 1:07 pm Yahoo stopped accepting my password.

When I found out that Blackberry\’s work with gmail now, I switched today. Gmail has a much faster email service and better search. So I\’m feeling much better about things today.

Speaking of Blackberry, I have been absolutely guaranteeing to colleagues that there was no possible way that the Blackberry service would get shut down in the U.S. I believed there would be a settlement somehow or other. Both companies were obviously positioning to get the best deal they could. With 200,000 federal employees relying on Blackberries and millions of others, I just didn\’t think there was any chance whatsoever that a judge would shut this service down.

Today the settlement between RIM and patent-holder NTP occured, with a price tag of $612.5 million. Here\’s an interesting blog about why RIM settled.

Anyway, I\’m glad that\’s behind us. Now everyone can get back to buying and using their Blackberries without fear of a shutdown.

4 thoughts on “Switching to Gmail

  1. Gmail is down

    I think Paul Allen forgot to knock on wood the other day when he wrote on his blog that he switched to Gmail from Yahoo! because of problems he had with Yahoo!.
    Gmail is now down.

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