Call for Utah experts on Usability testing

I blogged the other day about the need for usability testing of web sites. The Steve Krug book \”Don\’t Make Me Think\” is a good one, but my favorite is still \”Designing Web Usability: The Practice of Simplicity\” by Jakob Nielsen.

One of my readers asked:

Thank for the blog entry on usability the other day. Do you know of any usability/UI experts here local in Utah?.. Or that you can recommend locally?

I haven\’t worked with any external consultants or firms that will do this. Does anyone know who the best people are in Utah?

Apple finally does a subscription model

I think this portends things to come in the music space. An all-you-can eat subscription is SO compelling. Yes, people want to \”own\” their music right now. But that will change. If you can \”rent\” all the music in the world for $9.95 per month, tens of millions of people will do it.

We won\’t even think about \”owning\” vs \”renting\” in the future.

Steve Jobs always attacks the subscription model. But he also said no one would watch video on a 3\” screen. It\’s all part of his strategy to mislead the competition.

Google gets into word processing! | 03/10/2006 | With word processing acquistion, Google edges onto Microsoft turf

I thought this was coming. I see no reason why Google won\’t have a web version of all the Microsoft Office apps within the next year or so. We won\’t need a desktop OS or Office Suite when Google offers all the functionality we need online. (And for free!)

Demographic Targeting on Google and MSNGoogle Adds Demographic Targeting to

Google has added general demographic information to AdWords according to Media Buyer Planner. Demo targeting is the biggest thing that has happened in Search Engine Marketing in years.

Here\’s the link:

Google Adds Demographic Targeting to AdWords