Call for Utah experts on Usability testing

I blogged the other day about the need for usability testing of web sites. The Steve Krug book \”Don\’t Make Me Think\” is a good one, but my favorite is still \”Designing Web Usability: The Practice of Simplicity\” by Jakob Nielsen.

One of my readers asked:

Thank for the blog entry on usability the other day. Do you know of any usability/UI experts here local in Utah?.. Or that you can recommend locally?

I haven\’t worked with any external consultants or firms that will do this. Does anyone know who the best people are in Utah?

And since usability testing can be done from anywhere, who are the best firms worldwide for doing web site usability testing and feedback?

3 thoughts on “Call for Utah experts on Usability testing

  1. Usability is a one of those terms that means different things to different people and is often misunderstood. If you’re a software company then following uncle Jakob’s usability framework makes sense because you have “users”. If you’re an e-commerce company then you don’t have “users”, you have “shoppers”. As a result, instead of thinking usability, think persuasion. And if you’re looking for help with persuasion (i.e. raising your conversion rate) then check out Both Overstock and Logoworks are Future Now clients in Utah and have had good results.

    I also agree with keeping developers away from the front end. After all, how many websites use the word “submit” on their call to action buttons. Imagine buying something (anything) in the brick and morter world and for the close, the salesperson says “submit!”. This is just one example of how software engineers have treated e-commerce sites like software applications and made it difficult to for normal people to buy things. This is also why conversion rates remain in the anemic 2-4% range after 10 years of e-commerce.

  2. We reduced Thomasville Home Furnashing’s administrative costs by a whopping 80% through a custom web-based CRM and solid usability. Solid information architecture built on standards is the foundation of a profitable website. Not what a company or developer thinks is needed.

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