Google and Attention

An interesting post on Google and attention data. I wouldn\’t have noticed this except that Phil Burns tells me the next two big frontiers for Provo Labs should be identity and attention.

One thought on “Google and Attention

  1. This starts to make me wonder if there’s a parallel here with quantum physics probability theory, that you can know either the exact positon of a particle, or the volocity, but never both at the same time.

    I wonder if advertising such targeted ads using such direct metrics will actually change the buying habits of consumers. Imagine a customer who is in a perfect demo for skis and outdoor stuff. Using ‘attention data’, Google is fronting his every move online with skis and outdoor stuff. Does this work better for the advertiser? Is the advertiser now spending dollar that are more diluted by being placed exactly with competing ads? Do such similar ads placed with precision and regularity cause the consumer to switch off even more? Just wondering.

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