Netflix meets used-CD store as \’La La\’ nears launch | CNET

Bill Nguyen\’s latest company: La La

Bill Nguyen is one of the smartest entrepreneurs I\’ve ever met. (Ranks up there with Josh Kopelman.) I met him when partnered with him in 1999 to provide his email/audio unified messaging service to our users. He is full of ideas and boundless energy.

Political bloggers may get federal protection

Political bloggers may get federal protection

Some members of Congress are trying to make sure bloggers have freedom of speech and are not subject to Federal Election laws like PACs.

Can you imaging a blogger being arrested and convicted for doing something online (like supporting a candidate) because they spent some money to build out their site or create a podcast or video endorsing a candidate?

According to CNET:

RIM extending BlackBerry server functionality

RIM adds instant messaging to BlackBerry server

Corporate apps devleoped under Blackberry MDS Studio are being made available to Blackberry users. Instant messaging has also been enabled.

This is a great platform. Through T-mobile, we just bought 8 Blackberry 7290 phones for $99.95 each. The data service (unlimited text messages, email and web browsing) is like $19.95 per month and the phone plans are decent.