Assistant for Every Employee

At Provo Labs, we believe in investing in employees. That means budgeting for technology they need (including blackberries), for subscriptions and online services that will make them productive, and for travel and conferences they need to attend.

But we are also considering investing in our employees by giving them each a corresponding full-time colleague/team member in Asia, so that at the end of each work day (if there is such a thing in our 24/7 world) they can hand off their projects to their partner in Asia, and come back to work the next day with their project having advanced by 8 hours.

We are using a service that finds employees in the Philippines right now, but we are also considering Brickwork in India. They offer analysts and research assistants, many of whom are Ph.Ds.

Has anyone used Brickwork in particular, or attempted to use this approach to make your U.S. based employees more productive?

3 thoughts on “Assistant for Every Employee

  1. Wow, I never considered this option, it sounds really exciting! Being able to have a partner that can continue something I am working on while I sleep sounds absolutely fantastic. Any chance of doing this in China? I would love to speak some of my Chinese… 🙂

  2. We were recommended to try In Source, which does outsourcing to India and is run by a BYU grad named David Larson. He has a turnkey solution, providing the computer, building, and HR manager for the employees you hire through him.

    Another friend of mine is outsourcing some of his company’s development to Costa Rica because (in his opinion) they speak better English, more fully understand Western culture, and are in a nearer time zone. He gave me the name of Robert Wolf at OutCoding.

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