Utah Company offers Free Online Backup

I wrote a Connect magazine article recently where I praised Josh Coates, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who moved to Utah a couple of years ago to build an exciting company that offers free remote backup for any computer user. You can back up all of your most important files at no cost!

This is a no-brainer! Check it out. It\’s especially nice for backing up your laptop.

Senator Bennett\’s Rural Business Conference

Last Thursday I spoke in two sessions at Senator Bob Bennett\’s fifth Rural Business conference. This year it was held in Vernal.

My first presentation was about blogging. Here is my blogging powerpoint. I discussed the reasons I love to blog. They are:

  1. Increases my business web presence
  2. I get to �Vote� for web pages (affect Google�s search engine rankings)
  3. Forces me to learn (stay sharp) and share

50 Keys to a Successful Online Business

What is the difference between failure and success in a startup company? Why do some companies develop a good product or service and use effective sales and marketing strategies to help customers and to generate revenue and profits and to grow a successful company while other companies fail somewhere along with way?

I think it has to do with the company \”blueprint\” that is in the mind of the founder or the management team.

A complete business blueprint has to address the design of every part of a business in order for a successful company to emerge.

Provo Labs: Business Incubator

I recently wrote an article for Connect Magazine about business incubators and Provo Labs in particular. It explains what we are trying to do at Provo Labs and why we think it will work.

One thing we have learned already since December is that our internal team needs to focus on one major project at a time and get it to completion, rather than having 5-10 simultaneous projects that are "on the brink" of completion but aren\’t generating any value for customers.

My New Blog Address

I have to admit I\’ve been scared to death to switch my blog from www.infobaseventures.com/blog/ where I\’ve been blogging for more than 2 years, to www.paulallen.net, a domain that a friend recently gave to me.

I\’ve been afraid for many reasons. I thought I\’d lose all my web site traffic. I\’ve had an Alexa ranking in the 20,000-30,000 range, and I figured that when I turned on a new site somehow I would lose much of that traffic.

Attention Utah Entrepreneurs

The Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum has a great lineup for this Thursday\’s meeting. (Meeting will be April 13th at noon at the Novell Cafeteria.)

I will probably be out of town, but otherwise would love to be there. I know all four speakers — Adam Edmunds (Allegiance), Dave Bateman (PropertySolutions, DealElder.com), Brian Buetler (Alianza) and Gary Williams (BYU) — they are superb. I hope at least 6-8 Provo Labs people make it to this luncheon.