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A million things have gotten in the way of my blogging during the last month. But I haven\’t completely disappeared. I\’m working on some lengthy and thoughtful posts about subscription business models, company culture, web site usability (and how overlooked it is), building community online, an update on Provo Labs incubator portfolio, and more. I have several in draft mode right now.

I almost finished one last night. But since I didn\’t, and I know I won\’t be able to work on it for a couple more days, I thought I\’d at least write this lame \”Coming Soon\” post to let all of you know that I haven\’t retired from blogging.

While I\’m writing, I might as well mention the Google beta launch of a shareable spreadsheet application. Combined with their Writely word processor acquisition a few months back, this is one more step towards a Microsoft Office-less world, or, at least a step towards a free ad-supported software world. I think it is possible that Google will force Microsoft to shift their business model from software licensing to free ad-supported software, at least for their consumer and small business software. Otherwise, Google will just keep stealing customers away.

5 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. Paul, Microsoft has launched its Office Live.

    They are throwing a lot of money at arquiring new customers. Free domain names, a real domain name not a subudomain and you can choose from .com, .org, etc.

    Microsoft is already creating a collabrative online office suite. This is the Beta version. Here is list of things you get:

    Manage and grow your business online using:

    Your own domain name and Web site

    Easy-to-use design tools
    50 e-mail accounts

    Site traffic reports and search engine (keyword) reports

    Simple online programs to manage customers, employees, and projects
    Online workspace to share information and work with others more efficiently

  2. Paul, thanks for starting up your posts again. I’m a young Utah business blogger who looks forward to seeing you at the event next Tuesday in Sandy. I work for Tim Stay at Know More Media.

  3. By not publishing a blog for over a month, you may have proven that your business doesn’t need a blog. Don’t you make all your employees blog too? That may be a costly luxury you don’t need.

  4. Paul, glad to see your back. I find a lot of value in your site specifically because you are so into Website Communities.

    If you get a chance, would you mind posting some “Tips for creating a Web Community?”


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