Marketing Training with RoMay

My sister is one smart cookie. She has helped me with data prep projects since the early 90s and has built web sites for me and done internet marketing for me. When I need help, I can turn to her. One site she built for 10x Marketing generated $7,000 in revenue just a couple months after it was built–and with no extra maintenance.

So now RoMay is doing marketing training classes, emphasizing internet marketing. She was one of my top students in my BYU Internet Marketing class last fall. (I think she got 100% on almost evey quiz.) She is outstanding.

Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum: Top 25 Under 5 Next Week

Please put this on your calendar–a great annual event celebrating fast growing young companies in Utah. 25 companies will be highlighted that are under 5 years old. Visit the UVEF web site to learn more about the organization that runs this program. This is kind of a pre-Utah 100 and pre-Inc 500 celebration, since it honors even younger companies.


(Please note change of location from Provo Novell Building G to Building A)

Provo Lab\’s Eleven Bets

So in the past 7 months, Provo Labs has started or invested in 11 companies. It\’s been a bit wild.

So for the next 6 months at least, we are going to stop investing and incubating new ideas and focus 100% of our energies on helping our current portfolio with revenue growth, with the goal of getting each company to cash flow positive without any additional investment from Provo Labs.

It\’s Scary That Yahoo Finance is Wrong

A couple days ago I blogged about Omniture\’s (OMTR) market cap being half that of Web Side Story (WSSI). I based my blog post on Yahoo Finance. They put Omniture\’s market cap at $102.7 million today. Fortunately, two of my readers have commented that Yahoo Finance was wrong. The number of outstanding shares is not 14 million, but 40-50 million.