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When I Need Help With PPC

A recent MarketingSherpa report shows that more than half of online sales at high-growth e-commerce sites come from search engine marketing (that includes PPC and SEO). Here\’s a quote:

According to MarketingSherpa 2006 study data, high-growth ecommerce sites get 19% of their overall traffic from search engine optimization (SEO) and 32% from paid search ads. That\’s 51% of ecommerce site traffic driven by a handful of search engines.

Search engine marketing is a *key* driver of success online. But it is still used by relatively few businesses.

Last fall I taught more than 50 students at BYU how to do pay-per-click management on Google. This was part of my internet marketing course. Then each student joined a team and we actually ran a campaign for one of a dozen or so companies that paid us between $100 and $500 to set up and management their campaign. It was a good hands-on experience for the students.

One student ran a campaign that was amazing. Starting with hundreds of keywords which were quickly eating up the PPC budget, he used analytics and common sense to narrow in on the keywords that would be most profitable for the company. Within a month he had turned a loss into a $800 or $900 profit. The company was so impressed they offered him a job after graduation.

But I was impressed too and recruited him to join WebEvident, an internet marketing company that does SEO and PPC Management.

Now, when my portfolio companies need help setting up or managing a PPC campaign, they turn to Francisco and WebEvident.

Read Francisco\’s recent blog post about how he turned around the PPC campaign. He has saved the company a ton of money and has optimized the PPC campaign so that it is profitable and revenues are growing.

Francisco is very, very good. He is extremely focused and delivers results. He is a Google AdWords Qualified Individual.

If you want the best, affordable Google AdWords campaign manager that I know of, Francisco is available to help you build a profitable pay-per-click strategy.

4 thoughts on “When I Need Help With PPC

  1. Temper your excitement about PPC with recent findings that click fraud is becoming rampant and costing agencies millions of dollars a year. In a recent study of marketers for companies of 500 or more employees, 73% said they are worried about it and/or are trying to track it (fraud). Here’s the link:

  2. Click fraud is a significant issue, sure, but if you are tracking clicks all the way through to actual transactions, it doesn’t matter at all. The story Paul related about Francisco turning a $800 profit could have included 90% “fraudulent” clicks. As long as the math works and you’re tracking through and verifying transactions, it makes no difference how “bad” the other clicks are.

  3. Tom, your point is understood, but your logic from a businessman’s perspective is seriously flawed. To say that 90% fraudulent clicks “doesn’t matter at all,” that “it makes no difference,” is incredulous. You’re saying that Francisco should be happy with his $800 profit when he could have made $7,200 instead (given the same conversion rate instead of fraudulent clicks) for the exact same amount of PPC expense and effort. No businessman that I know would agree with your line of reasoning.

  4. We have started using a tool to help with the fraud issue called AdWatcher ( We immediately found many issues of fraud and reported them to Google (it has an automated thing that will generate the fraud report)

    Problem is Google would just write back and say they had looked into the issue and didn’t see anything wrong and told us they have great tools to catch the fraud.

    I have a feeling Google will be getting into some big problems in the future with the PPC stuff. After we started using Adwatcher is was crazy how much money was getting wasted on bogus clicks.

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