Grow Traffic by Syndicating Blogs

One of the fastest ways to build a high-traffic revenue-generating content-based web site is to get permission from hundreds of bloggers to syndicate their blog. Most bloggers write for the love of it, more than for money. So companies that syndicate have a great opportunity to pick up a lot of traffic at no cost to them.

I\’ve been syndicated recently by a blog network called The Money Blogs, and they\’ve asked me to link to them, so I am.

I used to be syndicated by GoBigNetwork also, but I\’m not sure they switched to my new RSS feed.

I wanted to be syndicated by another blogging network, but they asked me not to blog about certain topics, and I wasn\’t willing to do any extra work to get more syndication. I blog what I blog when I blog it. Don\’t have time for extra work.

World Vital Records will be aggregating some great genealogy blogs, so you can see that I believe in this strategy. I think it can be a great internet marketing tactic, since content drives traffic and blog content can be aggregated at little or no cost.

Blog on.

2 thoughts on “Grow Traffic by Syndicating Blogs

  1. I started doing a discussion board years ago, and when we reached 6000 posts, blogs became popular. Google News doesn’t list discussion boards, and no one syndicates them. It seems like there should be, that there’s a lot of information unmined because it’s in discussion format… There is very little philosphical or technical difference–it looks to me like a CSS could make a discussion board into a blog, but there are no phpbb specific search engines…

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