Inspiring Conference for Social Entrepreneurs Planned in Utah

I just heard about a great full-day conference on October 6th that will be well worth attending. (I think it will be in Layton, Utah.) I know several of the speakers and they are outstanding, world-changing individuals. I can\’t imagine not coming away very motivated and inspired by these entrepreneurs.

Please check it out.

I dare you to read every bio and then tell me you aren\’t super interested in hearing what these speakers will be talking about. Greg Warnock is a star. Hearing Hal Wing (his company sells the Little Giant Ladder systems all over the world) alone would be a great treat. But the rest will be exciting as well. Tim Hunt\’s Lingotek is very cool. And my family spends a ton of money on Shade Clothing (thanks a lot, Chelsea!)

Also, in my view, entrepreneurs who start out philanthropically minded before they make their money are far more likely to make it. I heard that Jon Huntsman, Sr, one of Utah\’s billionaires, used to give away $50 of his $250 per week (or month?) Navy salary when he lived in California decades ago. He did it quietly and anonymously–even back when he didn\’t make any money, per se.

I think it is a law of the universe that those who have giving hearts are more likely to get into a position to give. Selfish, greedy people won\’t have the same good fortune as those who are kind and generous, even when they have little means.

People didn\’t believe Bill Gates when he said years ago that he was going to do great good with his money. Now look at what his foundation is going to do for the world. And of course, there\’s Warren Buffett and Pierre Omidyar too.

So come to this conference and figure out what you can do to bless the world, whether or not the world rewards you later. It\’s the right way to live, whether or not it leads to prosperity.

The conference web site is pretty poor, though. I hate sites where all the information is hiding in PDF files. To the conference organizers: please make the web site more friendly and information rich. Give us dates, name of speakers, make it easy to navigate. Start a blog to tell us more about the speakers and the conference as the date approaches. Generate some excitement here! This conference will be incredible!

For convenience, I grabbed the bios of some of the speakers (they are apparently adding more later), and here they are:

Greg Warnock (Keynote Speaker)

Greg Warnock is one of the most active private equity investors in Utah, having invested in 18 companies during the 12 years preceding the formation of vSpring Capital. He was previously the founder of Precision Data Link, which he sold to Profit Recovery Group (PRGX) in 1998. He was an angel investor in Knowlix, a successful software company that was acquired by Peregrine Systems. He syndicated and participated in the seed financing of Advion BioSciences, a successful company later funded by Skyline Ventures, Perseus-Soros BioPharmaceutical Fund and Polaris Venture Partners. He was principle in more than 20 M&A transactions prior to vSpring. These experiences have given Greg a deep understanding of the ingredients of successful private equity investing. Greg is a judge of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year contest and a repeat VC selection committee member for the Investors\’ Choice West conference. Greg received a BS in Computer Science and a MBA from the University of Utah. Greg is on the board of directors of AVinti, BioMicro Systems, Cymphonix and MediConnect. Greg is also actively involved in the Junto program, a program that targets fresh, young minds and gives them the training and resources necessary to be successful entrepreneurs, which he started in 2004. In addition to Junto, Greg acts as Managing Director to the Utah Student Investment Program Development Committee, a committee formed through encouragement from the State of Utah to form student run venture capital firms, similar to Salt Lake

2 thoughts on “Inspiring Conference for Social Entrepreneurs Planned in Utah

  1. Paul,

    Thanks for the information on the conference. As one of the organizers of the conference, we appreciate your feedback on the website. Our follow up website will be much more interactive, along with more information on the ePIFany Network. Our blog is located at, where we are keeping everyone up to date on the conference.

    Thanks for the feedback
    Stuart Reeves

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