Internet Marketer Wanted for Fun Provo-based Educational Software Company

A friend emailed me this job description and said I could blog about it. Someone will have a lot of fun working in this exciting small company:

Company: Big Brainz
Job Title: Entrepreneurial Sales / Marketing / PR Director
Headquartered in Provo, Utah, Big Brainz is pioneering an incredible new generation of educational video games

5 thoughts on “Internet Marketer Wanted for Fun Provo-based Educational Software Company

  1. It’s an hourly position? $10+ an hour? No bonuses? No benefits.

    I’m trying to figure out who would want to work for that. What does the person get out of this? Will they work with a stellar team? Are you just looking for someone for a year (like an internship)?

    When I look around at internet marketing positions locally, I’m constantly surprised at how low they pay.

  2. For many college students, $10 per hour is not bad, especially if it’s in a fast growing company where the experience they gain will be far more valuable than the compensation.

    Yes, it’s unlikely that a college graduate will look for this kind of pay scale, but given the number of college students in this community, I think you would be amazed at how many quality applications BigBrainz will get.

    I’ve advertised jobs for $10-12 per hour in the Daily Universe and was stunned at the quality of the applicants–in some cases nearly 30 of them, including some college grads.

    I only wish I had more time to interview more of them. It is so hard to judge someone from just a resume.

  3. I just wanted to say thanks to all the great applicants we’ve had the pleasure to meet with. It’s exciting to see how many people are more interested in developing new skills and working towards long-term ownership opportunities than short-term paychecks.

    I think this ad is a good example of being tailored to only attract a certain kind of person. It’s going to turn away established folks who are primarily interested in a paycheck or a clearly-defined role. It’s also going to turn away seasoned individuals who can’t afford the luxury of working for ownership.

    It’s for young, hungry folks who don’t want to work their way up from the mail room, and are excited to take on more resonsibility than a sane person should actually have.

    Personally I didn’t make a dime when I interned at Warner Bros., yet I feel like I made out like a bandit because I was able to learn and experience things there that were worth far more than a few bucks. I worked with Tom Cruise, attended world premieres, and pitched the head of Disney TV.

    I think it’s also absolutely vital to pay your good people everything they’re worth, but I’ll take a candidate who’s more interested in ownership than salary any day. It means their interests and abilities are perfectly aligned with the rest of the team.

  4. Experience over compensation? Start your own business then. I see way too many companies around here offering $10 an hour jobs for PR/marketing/Internet marketing people when those are three separate jobs to begin with.

    If people who are really qualified to do this are taking these jobs they are selling themselves short.

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