Google\’s Incentive for Search Engine Marketers

I like Google\’s Advertising Professional Program. By becoming a Qualified Professional, internet marketers who manage pay-per-click accounts for multiple clients can get $100 credits for each new client they set up — up to 60 per year.

This will certainly motivate search engine marketers to find more clients and get them set up with a pay-per-click campaign. Francisco Rebollo, the pay-per-click marketer who helps Provo Labs companies, is a Qualified Professional, and he has room for 1-2 more clients. If you are interested in his help, please send me an email and I\’ll connect you with him. (Click on CONTACT ME on my blog home page. It still uses my old Yahoo email address, but it should get forwarded to me. My new address is PAUL AT (I don\’t use the @ sign because I don\’t want to get spammed…)

Another Google program that cuts smaller companies in on the multi-billion advertising revenue stream that Google generates is the AdSense program. AdSense has helped hundreds of thousands of content sites who formerly had a very hard time generating revenue from their traffic.

Yahoo has its Publisher Network and MSN is apparently working on its ContentAds network for web site publishers.

Has anyone compared the results from AdSense with YPN and ContentAds? Please let me know what you\’ve seen or heard.

3 thoughts on “Google\’s Incentive for Search Engine Marketers

  1. From what I’ve experienced AdSense is what has worked the best. YPN is good and they pay well when you get a click, but they’re not contextualized so you don’t get as many clicks. – I also enjoy Kontera, instead of putting actual ad units on my website they highlight particular keywords and when the user mouses over it brings up an ad.

  2. YPN doesn’t display relevant ads as well as Adsense, which is good and bad. If you have a site that doesn’t normally bring high paying relevant ads through adsense you can make more with YPN. If you have a site about law, or real estate or debt, you will probably make more with adsense.

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