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Provo Labs has opened an Academy for Entrepreneurs in Provo, Utah, in the new office building adjacent to BYU on 9th East in Provo. Our address is easy to remember: 1234 N. 900 E., Provo, UT 84604. (See us on a Google Map.)

We have 18 spaces for 1-3 person startup companies and they are starting to fill up. Pat Sheranian is managing the office. If you want a tour of the building or learn about our Bronze, Silver, and Gold Membership packages at the Academy, please call Roger at 852-6163.

More important than the office space, phone, internet access, and computer that you receive as an Academy member are the business networking opportunities that we provide and the entrepreneurial training that you receive.

On Monday at 4 pm, 50 potential members showed up for the Provo Labs Academy open house–more than we expected. It was exciting to meet all the potential members, to hear about the companies they are running, and to talk about the many topics we will be covering in our training meetings and in the brainstorm meetings that will be held almost daily.

Our facilities are still not completely finished; but members are signing up and moving in. This is getting very exciting.

So, for those who have signed up already (or who do in the next few days), here are some of the training sessions that I\’m going to be running in October:

Thursday, Oct 5th, 10:00 am.
\”Using LinkedIn to Open Doors and Build Your Business\”

Tuesday, Oct 10th: 4-5:30 pm. \”Introduction to Search Engine Marketing: Running Your First Pay Per Click Campaign\”

Wednesday, Oct 11th: 9:00 am. \”Online Lead Generation: Easier than Online Sales\”

Friday, Oct. 13th: 9:00 am. Brainstorm Session–What is the Biggest Challenge You Face in Business Right Now. (This will be limited to 12 attendees. Each will be able to get brainstorm help from all other attendees. This will be patterned after our traditional Entrepreneur Brainstorm Lunch, otherwise known as \”Twinkie Talk.\”)

Monday, Oct. 16th: 4:00 pm. An Invitation to Use My Rolodex. (I will invite 10 attendees to sit with me and go through my Corporate Alliance CARMA database, my gmail contacts database, as well as my LinkedIn database of 1.5 million people, to see if I know anyone who can help them with their immediate business concerns.)

More events will be scheduled later.

We\’ll do some on raising money from angel investors, using online surveys with prospects and customers, and lots of other internet marketing topics, including web site design, email marketing, affiliate marketing, online PR and much more.

Plus, all Provo Labs Academy members can schedule a brainstorm meeting at any time on any topic, and invite other members to join with them. I\’ll attend some of these as well.

Let me know what other topics you\’d like to see covered.

If you live outside of Utah, stay tuned because we\’re trying to determine how to do a national Academy for Entrepreneurs as well. Then I hope we go international as well.

Our goal at Provo Labs Academy is to help entrepreneurs increase their chances to succeed. Most startup companies fail, but we don\’t believe this has to be the case. We\’d like to enable entrepreneurs to learn from successful entrepreneurs and mentors, and to network with each other as they try to get their business off the ground.

We also want to teach dozens of important internet marketing tactics to our members so they can use the internet to find customers and partners. The world is embracing the internet and every company needs an internet strategy to be competitive in the 21st century. Companies who do this right have an excellent chance to succeed.

One thought on “Provo Labs Academy Training Schedule

  1. Paul,

    Man I wish I lived in Provo because I would be all over your invitation to join the academy.

    Since I’m not in the position do so I was wondering if you will be posting your conferences or highlights thereof on your blog?

    I love my current company and want to expand our expertise to a larger market that does not require us to be physically present.


    Aaron K.

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